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  • Location: Hyderabad
    Job Type : Temporary
    Date: Wednesday, 06 December 2017
    Lead the delivery of multiple projects across a variety of creative and marketing channels, including print and digital media. Develop and coordinate project plans across the design, development and production stages of a project to support the successful delivery within set KPI’s. Responsibility of all coordination efforts of the production teams, including content providers, creative studios, platform developers and a variety of technical staff. Work across multiple stakeholders located around the globe.
  • Location: Roorkee , Kolkata , Chandigarh , Rudrapur
    Job Type : Permanent
    Date: Wednesday, 06 December 2017
    JOB DESCRIPTION AUDIOLOGIST • Determines type and degree of hearing impairment and implements habilitation and rehabilitation services for patient: Administers and interprets variety of tests, such as air and bone conduction, and speech reception and discrimination tests, to determine type and degree of hearing impairment, site of damage, and effects on comprehension and speech. • Evaluates test results in relation to behavioral, social, educational, and medical information obtained from patients, families, teachers, SPEECH PATHOLOGISTS and other professionals to determine communication problems related to hearing disability. • Plans and implements prevention, habilitation, or rehabilitation services, including hearing aid selection and orientation, counseling, auditory training, lip reading, language habilitation, speech conservation, and other treatment programs developed in consultation with SPEECH PATHOLOGIST and other professionals. • May refer patient to physician or surgeon if medical treatment is determined necessary. • Fit and dispense assistive devices, such as hearing aids. • Monitor clients' progress and discharge them from treatment when goals have been attained. • Plan and conduct treatment programs for clients' hearing or speech problems, consulting with physicians, nurses, psychologists, and other health care personnel as necessary. • Recommend assistive devices according to clients' needs or nature of impairments. • Refer clients to additional medical or educational services if needed. • Conduct or direct research on hearing or speech topics and report findings to help in the development of procedures, technology, or treatments. • Fit and tune cochlear implants, providing rehabilitation for adjustment to listening with implant amplification systems. • Participate in conferences or training to update or share knowledge of new hearing or speech disorder treatment methods or technologies. • Work with multi-disciplinary teams to assess and rehabilitate recipients of implanted hearing devices